Ted Nugent: NRA Board Member, Convicted Poacher

For the record I really liked Ted’s in your face way of confronting those close-minded individuals who don’t like either the Second Amendment or hunting. However if you’re going to be one of the public faces of any movement you have an obligation to conduct yourself in a manner that is above reproach. I have gone from shocked to angered and finally infuriated over the news that Ted Nugent had pled guilty to baiting a deer and failing to have a deer hunting tag signed by a reviewing official after a kill.

According to this report Ted Nugent also had a local guide with him. Not only is ignorance of the law no excuse, there should have been no way for someone who purports themselves to be an advocate of ethical hunting to not know what he was doing was illegal.

I figured that this would have evoked a lot of outrage among the hunting and shooting community much like there was over Jim Zumbo’s comments denigrating “Black Rifles.”

I was wrong.

The only outrage I have seen has been from those one would expect to express outrage any time a hunter ventures into the field. From those who I feel should be outraged at this breach of trust I see dismissal and criticism of the law.

People this is not how we should be. In the last two years we have won formal recognition of our right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the supreme law of the land. While I won’t disagree that some laws may be so onerous that we have no choice but to ignore them. Game laws in my opinion do not fall under this category as their normal purpose is not to restrain a right, but to ensure there is still game for us to hunt. Disregarding them is both unethical and immoral. Yes I know game law has been used to eliminate hunts not because the science says it is necessary but because some people don’t like hunting. The proper reaction to such an affront is to work to get the law changed.

I may be pilloried for my opinion on this matter, but I feel quite strongly about this. The Outdoor Channel should cancel Ted Nugent’s show “Spirit of the Wild” and Mr. Nugent should resign his position on the NRA Board of Directors. If he won’t resign the Board needs to oust him. Anything less cheapens the values we profess to uphold.


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