One Handgun for all occasions?


I’m pretty sure I heard of the .460 Rowland before now. I’m also certain I dismissed it as a niche conversion without much in the way of practical applications. The round came up in a recent discussion with some fellow gunnies about guns to carry in Grizzly Country. I did some digging and found that some limited testing had been done with the cartridge here are the results:

Media: Moosehide in front of box filled with wet phone books and magazines

Control .44 Magnum 4" Barrel

Test .460 Rowland 5.5" Bar-Sto barrel

Corbon 460 Rowland 230 JHP

Shed jacket at 7" Core at 9”

HSM 44 Mag, 240 JHP and 300 JFP

240 JHP 11" little expansion

300 JFP 12" No expansion

Garret 44mag 310 Hard cast

Tumbled at 6" 10" Penentration


Handloads into wet newspaper. Gun unknown, possibly a 1911 conversion. All are .460 Rowland

Hornady 230 XTP @ 1275 fps<br>

8" Penetration, almost to the point of folding back on itself, right up to the base of the bullet.

240 XTP mag @ 1220 fps

10" Penetration folded jagged mess

250 XTP @ 1076<br>

9" Penetration Classic mushroom

Beartooth Cast 225gr fnb bb @ 1286 fps

24"+ Penetration No expansion or deformation

Lasercast 250gr @ 1100 FPS

22" Penetration No expansion or deformation


I wouldn’t call this testing definitive just yet, but it does look promising. If I were to carry a .460 Rowland in Grizzly country I would probably load it with the Beartooth Cast Bullet Load. The nice thing is in town I could do a quick change out of the conversion parts and swap the mags loaded with .460 for .45ACP and be good to go. While the .460 uses standard XD mags having clearly marked mags for the 2 rounds would be my preference.


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