Need a light mount for your AR?

Consider an Elzetta ZFH1500.

I’ve messed with a lot of ways to mount a light on my Home Defense carbine. Some were inexpensive, most weren’t. While they all worked they all left something wanting. Especially after I went to a more forward hand hold as advocated by MagPul Dynamics. Then one day while perusing the AR Picture thread an odd light mount started showing up. I eventually was able to find a name, a link and a review by a Law Enforcement Officer who is a Member of

Here’s the relevant portion of his review:

Somehow, I saw the Elzetta light mount. Frankly, at first, I questioned whether the mount would be sturdy enough to take the beating they get in our patrol cars, plus not melt when we shot them alot. I requested one to test out. I put it on my rifle, and took it out to the range and tried to melt it. No dice. I then beat it on the barricade several times (while it was still hot). No problems. I dropped the rifle on the ground several times. No problems. I was impressed so far.

I then took it to a patrol rifle class where I was one of the adjuncts, and I told the students to use and abuse it. It was banged around on barricades, bumped on the ground going from position to position, and generally mistreated for a week. No issues. No screws loosened (I put blue loctite on them when I put it together), nothing ever broke.

So – I recomended it to our firearms guru, and I think we got 50 of them for people who might want them (we figured not everyone would want them). All 50 got snapped up in a week, and they have been on the rifles for maybe 6 months. I have run some department training, and seen two shifts pull out their rifles on more than a few occasions. I have yet to see any of the problems we were having before. They disappeared with this mount. I have yet to see a single screw come loose, hear of a breakage, or hear ANY complaints from our patrol guys about this mount. That right there is saying something – cops bitch about everything. But this light mount is easy to use, it completely ambidextrous, and seems VERY durable. I cannot say too many good things about this simple, inexpensive piece of gear.

So, knowing it was able to withstand the use and abuse that cops hand out I ordered one to try out.

Within a few days a Non-descript box showed up in the mail .Elzetta-01

I opened it up to find the mount, a brochure and a pad of Post-Its for the company.


I moved to my workbench and opened the mount’s packaging to find the mount halves, 2 spacers, 5 hex head bolts, 5 nuts, an allen wrench and directions. Elzetta-03

7 minutes later I had the mount installed. Elzetta-04

Then I simply adjusted the SureFire G2 to where it would work best for me. It’s a little forward of where I have seen a lot of people putting theirs, maybe it’s because of my large hands or the way I grip the rifle. Either way it requires a deliberate movement to activate the light, but I can still do so without having to change my grip.


The only real negative to this mount for some is that it covers the bayonet lug. Since I don’t plan on participating in any bayonet charges with my Home Defense Carbine this isn’t an issue for me. I would also like to see a small tube of thread locking compound included for those who don’t keep a supply of it on hand.

Overall I am quite pleased with this mount and recommend it to anyone looking to mount a light on an AR-15 style carbine. For around $30 I doubt you’d be disappointed.


2 responses to “Need a light mount for your AR?

  1. Nice review. Waiting to see a companion review on Elzetta lights!

  2. ordnancecorner

    I wouldn’t mind doing one, but it’ll have to wait until I need another light.