Top Shot

So I’ve finally watched the show. What do I think? I like it.

The pilot episode  contains some very important lessons for those who aspire to be known as ‘gunnies.’ The first of which is everyone can have a bad day. Is that what happened to the person “voted” off the show? Considering his resume I’m going to go with that in spite of the what happened to get him eliminated from the show. Yes you can have two bad days in a row.

The second lesson is the one I want to showcase today. The firearms used in the competition were mixed and some of them the competitors had no experience with. There was even one firearm in that matchup I had never handled. However, I had handled and fired similar guns so I’d like to think I could at least operate the thing. Shoot as well as the competitors? Probably not as the obstacle courses would have been beyond my ability now.

Anyway back to our lesson. I personally specialize in a few platforms and what I carry reflects that. The 1911 and S&W Revolvers are my handguns of choice. The AR-15 and  Remington 700 are the two rifle platforms I now have the most trigger time behind. However the other guns I have handled list is something I don’t even think I could list fully if I have room. The reason for that (outside of my time employed by a surplus firearms importer/distributor) is I never pass an opportunity to inquire about something that strikes my eye when out shooting. If given an opportunity to take a shot I usually will. Currently I don’t think there is a firearm out there that I couldn’t operate if need be. Once again operate well, which is the objective of Top Shot, is another story.

So remember folks if you see an unusual gun and the opportunity presents itself, ask questions. Do some research in books and on the internet. Learn about the huge variations out there in the wondrous world of firearms design. But don’t forget to practice with what you rely on.


One response to “Top Shot

  1. Wolfhound668

    I’ve been recording since the first episode but just got to start watching it. Pretty good show overall. I’ve blown through the first four episodes. The one guy I don’t like is the one who complains all the time, “I shoot Glocks, the Beretta pulls to the right so I can’t hit the target. I can’t believe they’re making us shoot a bow and arrow”. What did he think he was signing up for?