Train with what you will fight with

ToddG discusses a class being taught that covers how to carry a handgun concealed. Tam adds her thoughts in her usual snarky manner. While participating in a weapons course “wearing a bathrobe and slippers, or pyjamas and bare feet” as Tam says would raise some eyebrows she makes an excellent point.

John Bianchi once gave some excellent advice for those who carry a firearm: “The same gun, in the same place, all the time, makes the reactive draw second nature.” This should apply to all situations where you may use a firearm. If you are planning to use a 1911 to defend yourself then train and practice with a 1911.  If you are going to carry IWB then train with your gun in your IWB rig. If your “bump in the night” defense plans are to use a Remington 870 use a Remington 870 in training and practice, not a Benelli.

There’s an old saying: “Beware the man with one gun for he likely knows how to use it very well.” The same should apply to the person who always practices and trains with the same gear they intend to rely on in the most dire of circumstances.


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