I’m done with the 1911 Platform

With the recent addition of a Colt CCO to my gun safe I have sated my hunger for 1911s. Member of the stable besides the CCO are a Colt 1991 Compact (Officers), Colt 1991 Government and a Stainless Steel Delta Elite.

While there are many variations of the 1911 platform that I do not own I just don’t see a need to.  I even acknowledge that my 10mm was a mistake, but since it was my first 1911 it will be staying on as a match gun with moderate loads.

I know there are a lot of variants I do not own. After flirting with the 10mm, I’ve come to the conclusion to leave the 1911 a .45 as John Browning designed it to be. When I carry a semi-automatic sidearm, it will be a 1911 in .45acp. Feel free to joke about my age or to call me a throwback. I’ve been shooting and maintaining 1911s for more than half the time I’ve been alive. They have become an extension of me and while I have and may again flirt with other platforms, the 1911 is like home to me.


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