Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

Brushing off the cobwebs

I’ve been seeing a lot of things I would like to comment on so in an effort to get this going again I am laying out a plan and will try to do something on each matter every few days. I’ll nail down a more concrete schedule (I hope) when I figure one out.

The first subject will be gear snobbery.

Next I will share how I decided on the rifles I carry

Then we will move to my handguns

and finally (surprise!) shotguns

Once those are done I intend to do a series aimed towards Instructors.

I’ll cover:

Course preparation

Student evaluation

Course execution


The I will do a series aimed at those wishing to learn the art of boomstickery.

Training, what to look for.

Preparing for your first class

What to do during class

what to do when your class is over.

Hopefully the muse stays with me this time.