Ruger LCR: first impressions

Finally got a chance to try one of the beasties last night.  Right out of the box you can tell this gun will be something different.  On the model I tried the first major difference I noticed was the trigger.  It was just as good as any gun coming out of the famous S&W Performance Center.  Smooth and light.  Not rough or difficult to squeeze like some other pocket revolvers I have handled.

While these guns aren’t target pistols the accuracy was more than acceptable at the ranges it is most likely to be used and felt recoil was less than the common Air Weight J-Frame carried by so many cognoscenti today.

I only have two negatives about this little revolver.  The first is the sights.  While large and easy to pick up in good light they become difficult to find when the lighting gets low.  Which is also when  a lot of self-defense confrontations occur. Hopefully XS sights or someone else will offer a brighter front sight for this gun.

The second is far more personal.  After 24 years of almost exclusively carrying and firing S&W revolvers (when I carry a revolver anyway) I am too used to pushing on that cylinder release to open the gun to use the LCR effectively.  A deficiency I am sure could be overcome with practice, but as I already have a 642 I am content with what I have. The Ruger style of cylinder release is in my opinion superior to any other since it allows the directions of force to oppose each other when opening the gun.  Handy if something has slightly gummed up the works.

As is standard for me I would be reluctant to recommend this or any micro-compact gun to a new shooter but an experienced shooter looking for a gun to carry either as a backup or when wardrobe requirements made carrying a larger gun prohibitive I would not hesitate.

For those interested this gun retails for around $440 in my area.  More if you want Crimson Trace grips.


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