Story time? Why not?

There is very little being reported in the world of firearms at the moment.  Everyone seems focused on the Presidential race and the politics surrounding that. As for me I just got done paying my annual house rent to the county (Property taxes for those of you in Rio Linda) so range trips will be a bit.

So inspired by BigRedKitty I figured I would regale you with a few tales of my Military Career.

I arrived at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas in June of 1990.  I was older than many of my fellow trainees having been delayed enlistment for 6 years due to a knee injury (that also spared me the indignity of being in the Army,  but that’s another story).

We arrived on a Wednesday night and had the usual shakedown everyone goes through when they arrive.  I didn’t think it was all that bad and to be honest the short cadet who kept trying to get in my face made it very hard not to laugh. A couple of guys lost the contents of their stomachs which only got them more attention. When people tell you to do nothing to attract attention during basic they aren’t kidding around.  I was determined to stay under the radar.

The weekend came and we were still wearing the clothes we’d arrived in. Saturday night became a night I won’t forget.  Because of supply problems we were to get Uniforms the following week, so the Traning Instructors (Air Force P.C. Speak for Drill Sergeant) weren’t messing with us too hard.  I remember thinking if this was the worst it was going to get this would be a cake walk. Saturday night one of us cracked under the light pressure we’d been getting.

In the middle of the night the Fire Alarm went off.  I figured this was just a drill to screw with our minds a little bit and of course to deprive us of more sleep. It wasn’t; a member of our ‘brother flight’ had attempted suicide (I never heard for certain if he was successful).  The person who found him had panicked and yanked the fire alarm rather than using the call box to notify the Squadron Command Center. After a few hours we were allowed back into our bays and settled in to get a bit more sleep.  It was a sobering beginning to my time in the Air Force, but fortunately the hilarity that is standard military issue was about to ensue.

More on that later.

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