Politics: You want answers?

Anti-Civil-Rights Shill Peter Hamm of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, has posted some questions for Sarah Palin here I agree with others that she should just ignore him. However, I’ll answer the questions I can just for fun.

— In view of your being “a lifetime member of the NRA,” what is your reaction to the disclosure that the NRA has been paying a woman to spy on gun violence prevention groups and the victims they represent for over 10 years?

I think it’s absolutely shameful! Only one spy?!

I’d also like to correct the record. She was not spying on gun violence prevention groups. She was spying on anti-civil rights activists who promote victimization of innocents.

— Most Americans, including President Bush, support banning military-style semiautomatic assault weapons. What is your position?

That whoever coined the term “semiautomatic assault weapons” is an idiot. I am in favor, and in fact encourage, that the citizenry be able to practice and train with the standard rifle (or a reasonable facsimile) of our Armed Forces. The same goes for sidearms.

— Do you agree with Senator McCain that the “gun-show loophole”(allowing individuals to buy guns at a gun show with no background check from so-called “private sellers”) should be closed?

No I do not. However, Senator McCain and I aren’t going to agree on everything. That’s part of being and individual.

— What did you mean when you described “attacks on our Second Amendment rights” as equivalent to gangs and drug use as something that would “harm family life?” [Eagle Forum Alaska questionnaire, 7-30-06.] Does this include efforts by groups like the Brady Campaign to make it harder for dangerous people to get dangerous weapons?

What efforts? Every one of your alleged “efforts” I am aware of has been with the goal of disarming the law abiding citizens of this great nation. I need go no further than to point out your “blood in the streets” campaigns against trained, law abiding citizens being able to carry the most effective means of self-defense on their person.

— Do you agree with Senator McCain that background check approval records for gun purchases should be kept for 90 days instead of 24 hours, that ATF should be able to require gun stores to conduct inventory audits, and that crime gun trace information should be more widely available to law enforcement and the public? [See Senator McCain’s statement on the Senate floor, 1-22-04.]

No I do not. Please reference my earlier comment on Senator McCain and I agreeing on everything. Furthermore, I would like for you to provide me with incidents where Law Enforcement has been denied access to firearms trace data in the course of, and relevant to, the investigating a crime.

Update! Thanks to Days of Our Trailers we have evidence that the Brady’s can’t decide on the facts when it comes to Bush’s support (or lack therof) of the Assault Weapons Ban. Not that facts has ever meant anything for the Brady Campaign.


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