What to do about the elections?

Sorry about being away for so long, life got in the way.

Well, my choice for President bowed out a few weeks ago. While I like Ron Paul’s and Mike Huckabee’s stance on the 2nd Amendment the rest of their platform and/or record means they have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the nomination let alone elected.

So what is a Conservative to do on election day? I guess they could go to the range and just not vote as some have suggested. I seem to recall a similar plan in November of 2006, worked out real well for us didn’t it?

No, staying home is still a bad idea. I’ll still vote, I might write in Fred Thompson but there will be other things on that ballot besides who gets to live in the White House. There will be property tax initiatives, local races and Congressional races as well. The Congressional races are where we Conservatives should focus now.

Many of you may not remember 1992 to 1994 when Bill Clinton was our philanderer in chief with an anti-gun dummiecrat majority. It seemed that no gun control laws could be stopped. Then in 1994 came the Contract With America and a, sadly short lived, conservative congress. Gun Control was off the agenda and until recently not even getting any traction.

Congress sends the laws to the President to sign, they approve or disapprove the Judges he nominates. It’s time to look into the Congressional races in your district, check out the candidates and vote accordingly.


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