NRA Annual Convention Day 2

Day 1

Sorry it took me so long to get this done, I’m just starting to feel human again.

On day one our Celebrity schmoozing consisted of meeting Michael Blane and spending some time chatting with him. Today our plan was to meet up with R. Lee Ermy of “Full Metal Jacket” and The History Channels “Mail Call.” Contrary to the stereotype of stars R. Lee is a very down to earth person who takes time to get to know everyone he meets.

The_Missus was still star shocked and was stunned when the Gunny (knowing she was petrified) tried to lighten the mood by clowning around with her.

After meeting with The Gunny for a bit we went on to finish our tour of the show room. EAA had one of the few Booth Babes

As did Aimpoint

The nice young lady at EAA was giving out autographed copies of her calendar (May not be safe for work), and The_Missus was gracious enough to allow me to get one. The part that may surprise a few of you is she is also a competitive shooter. Warms my heart to see ladies involved in the shooting sports.

Just a few more things of note. Steyr had their Long Distance target rifle on display chambered in their new round .460 Steyr. I don’t have ballistics info on this new round as of yet, but it is in response to the efforts to ban .50 Caliber target rifles for civilian use. If the .416 Barret is any indication this round will have even better ballistics than the venerable .50 BMG round that causes Gun Fearing Wussies to pee themselves because they believe a single shot .50 caliber target rifle is capable of shooting down an airplane. This is why the new Democrat Congress has voted to replce all surface-to-air weapons in the U.S. Military with .50 Caliber Bolt Action Rifles. Kidding! (I hope)

Lastly I just had to show you the following picture of an AR-15 finished in Lauer Weaponry’s Diamond Plate. You can apply this finish at home kiddies!

Gun and product reviews will be starting this week.


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