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NRA Annual Convention: Day 1

The first day was a Friday. Having never been to an annual meeting before I wasn’t sure what to expect on the first day. In my opinion it was the best day of the show for someone involved in the industry. Michael Bane (one of the folks I had the pleasure of meeting) called it “schmooze day,” I call it “Professionals Day.” No matter what you call it the people running booths there have giveaways more oriented to those in the business, and are geared more towards forming relationships than hawking their products.

One of the first things I found (tucked in a back corner near the jerky, funnel cake, and fresh squeezed lemonade vendors) was the Great American Whitetail Exhibit. Displaying record breaking white tail mounts taken both by hunters and in some cases just antlers found after they were shed. It was an impressive display and I got to examine it closely while The_Missus enjoyed her favorite treat, funnel cake.

Our next stop worthy of mention was the booth of Taylor’s & Company. Mainly because I am looking for a Sharps Buffalo Rifle and I knew they offered one. While there The_Missus, who tolerates gun shows but doesn’t really enjoy them, spotted what she likes to call a “shiney.” It was an 1872-73 open top revolver. She tried it out and liked the way it felt in her hand.

The price is right, so I am going to purchase one in .38 special for her. She also took a liking to their slide action carbines and was closely examining their lever guns as well. The person at the booth mentioned how these guns were often used in Single Action Shooters Society events which led to the inevitable “what’s that?” So we backtracked to the S.A.S.S. booth and let her see. She’s curious, so we’ll be attending an event for them soon.

A little later we were near the Springfield Armory exhibit and I got handed a glass of “champagne” (turned out to be sparkling grape juice), next thing I knew we were watching NRA President Sandra Froman presenting an award to Springfield Armory for one of their new products. The fine folks at Springfield returned the favor by presenting her with two customized 1911 pistols.

(Sorry for the blurry photo it was crowded.) We then got a chance to schmooze with Sandra Froman and the Execs of Springfield Armory for a little bit. While I was there I finally got to check out their full line of XD-45s, I’ll write more about those and a lot of other products in other posts.

I did see two firearms that I will mention here. The first is a Ruger Mini-14 in 6.8spc. The Mini-14 has a reputation of poor accuracy, but it looks like they have altered the design a bit so I’m hoping that it’ll shoot better than the 8 M.O.A. I have heard is considered is the standard mini’s minimum acceptable accuracy. The 6.8 is the bottom rifle.

The last gun I saw worthy of mention falls (in my opinion) under the “What Were They Thinking” category. Century Arms had Gold plated AK-47s on display. It’s hard to believe, but it looks like Saddam Hussein’s vanity has inspired a small movement in the firearms fraternity. Next thing you know the Outdoor Channel will be running a new show titled “Pimp my Semi-Auto.”

That’s it for day one. I’ll post about day 2 sometime next week then we get to the fun stuff; reviews of the products I checked out at the show.


You have 5 days Left

Image courtesy of Cowboyblob

I may or may not participate this year as I am busy buying magazines and spare parts for my existing inventory, and saving for my Buffalo Rifle in 45-110 of course. What am I going to do with such a fine piece of art? Hunt buffalo with it of course!

Be sure to visit Shiloh Rifles home page and watch their video “From Foundry to Finish.” Besides just being neat to watch art being created, the video has my all time favorite soundtrack Quigley Down Under. The movie that enamored me with the legendary Sharps Rifle.

Defining the American Left

Normally I try to keep broader coverage of the Simpering Sissies, Insipid Idjits, and Mutant Morons many of us know as the Democrat Party or American Left out of here. However, this points out what those of us who believe in all the Civil Rights guaranteed by our Constitution are up against. For brevity’s sake in the future I’ll probably stop calling Democrats Simpering Sissies, Insipid Idjits, and Mutant Morons and probably stop referring to them as the Party of American Defeat as well. Instead I’m going to swipe a term from Kim du Toit and call them Dem Cong

But I’m not going to define the American Left. I’m going to let Awad Nasir, one of Iraq’s best-known poets and a life-long Communist do it. “We heard from the United States and Western Europe that being Left meant being anti-American. So we were anti-American…” (link) And while American Warships are not welcome by leftists in San Francisco, French Warships are. Now, is that a case of total illogic, a slur against the French, or just a statement of treason?

Meanwhile we have Democrat leaders meeting with members of Outlawed organizations once notorious for assassinations and militant activity. While back home their supporters have their kids hunting fake cluster bombs instead of Easter eggs. I feel sorry for their children when we are treated to pearls of wisdom like this: “In these countries far away from here, kids find them and they look just like toys,” said Radia Daoussi, a Vineeta worker, holding up a ball covered in swirls of orange, blue and yellow clay. “If you saw this, wouldn’t you want to pick it up and play with it?” Miss Daoussi, does this look like a freaking kids toy to you? Perhaps you’re thinking of the infamous Butterfly Mine, I doubt it though as it was made by the Soviet Union. Another group that also taught Mr. Nasir that to be left meant to be anti-American.

While we’re engaged in the business of scaring our kids of the great boogieman of the United States let’s also whine and bellyache about putting up a statue of a fallen war hero in the city park. Why? Because the statue shows U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. and winner of the Navy Cross Danny Deitz holding a gun! More on this travesty here. I guess some people will have to quit going to the park because the image of someone who stood ready to defend them in the worst of conditions will cause them to soil themselves

Pennsylvania Lawmaker says he’s had enough of the Hoplophobes

Go read what he has to say and if you’re from Pennsylvania sign his petition

You Can’t Repeal the Law of Unintended Consequences

When the Hoplophobes talk about taking guns away, you may want to give them a copy of this guest editorial over at David Codrea’s War On Guns

Quiz time!


Image from front page of the arizona daily star

Why inexpensive South African Surplus Ammo is no longer available

Apparently the terrorists now running South Africa (into the ground) have decided that they don’t like armed civilians. (story)

I remember dealing with Armscorp back when I worked for Federal Ordnance. They used to be a great company to deal with.