SHOT 2007

Day one of SHOT 2007 is behind us. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to Orlando Florida to attend. Wish I could have as we have Ice in the forecast for this weekend.

I’ll start with the product that got my attention. Kel-Tec has announced a .308 Semi-Automatic rifle that accepts metric FAL magazines. Big deal right? Well it is when you realize that it’s a bullpup and uses an ejection system similar to the FN-2000.

I think this firearm would demand an Aimpoint Comp-M and 3x magnifier. Production is slated for early 2008, and I’ll be saving my pennies to be sure I can get one of the 18″ carbine models for testing. Obviously I’ll post a review here.

You can read about the RFB (rifle forward ejection bullpup) at the Kel-Tec owners group forums You can also download the sales brochure here (.pdf). MSRP for the 18″ carbine is said to be in the $2,000 dollar range, actual retail will likely be less.

Update Jan 13th. Someone spoke to the owner of Kel-Tec on day two. He says they have been getting 3/4″ groups with the long barreled model and expects 1″ groups out of the sporter model.

Next up is Magpul, an innovative company that will often leave you thinking; “Why didn’t I think of that?”
First up is a new AR-15 lower. Now a lot of you are probably thinking “So what there are dozens of lowers on the market” but I assure you this one is different enough to warrant attention. It’s not cast, it’s not forged, it’s said to be machined from solid billet.

Features that make it stand out (besides the machined trigger guard) include:

  • flared mag well (to allow faster reloads)
  • shelf for ambidextrous mag catch
  • grip area on front of mag well

  • There is discussion on this product over at

    Next from Magpul is their new Pmag (Polymag 30 rounds)

    I particularly like the windowed model. I’ve always liked the idea of being able to tell at a glance how much ammo I have left in the gun.

    Here is what Magpul has to say about the product:

    – Engineered from the ground up to be made of injection molded polymer.
    – Patent Pending design allows for a more aggressive constant curve of ammo stack than found on other Nylon magazines.
    – Made of “new to the market” reinforced polymer which is very strong and durable.
    – Can be seated on closed bolt with full 30 rounds loaded.
    – Snap cover protects feed lips during long term storage.
    – Optional maglevel window version that can be read from both sides.
    – Floorplate lock.
    – Proprietary anti tilt follower.
    – Debris grooves built into mag body.
    – Molded in Black, Flat Dark Earth and OD
    -Estimated retail price will be $11.95 for non window and $14.95 for dual Maglevel version.

    NOTE: This magazine is not meant to replace metal mags for individuals who shoot daily for a living. They were made as a volume supplement to issue mags that can be made quickly, in large numbers with minimum variances in manufacture.

    These aren’t designed for rugged use obviously, but I plan on getting a few to keep in my home defense AR-15.

    Discussion on this and a video demo can be found at of course

    Magpul had one other surprise in store for us. A new 5.56mm rifle called the Masada. It uses standard AR barrels (with no-tool quick change and free floated barrel) and mags, and has interchangable lowers. They also had an AK mag lower on display. I would think models in 6.8spr, 6.5 grendel and 7.62×39 would be possible. A .pdf on the Masada is available here. Price is RUMORED to be in the range of $1400.

    The last product to catch my eye so far comes to us from the makers of the LULA magazine loader. They now have a pistol magazine loader that works with most pistol magazines. Info and a video demonstration are available maglula.

    For more pictures and discussion on 2007 SHOT see, Sigforum, onpoint, and gunblast.


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