That time of year is once again upon us. A time when friends and family who may not have seen each other in a year gather, gifts are given, and much food is consumed. But before the gathering comes the age old problem, what gifts to purchase. Well if your list includes one or more Hoplophiles this guide is here to give you some ideas.

First up is a gift that is great for when you can’t make the range and hunting season is closed. Cabela’s Alaskan Adventure this game hails itself as the ultimate hunting and fishing adventure to North America’s great last frontier. It allows you to track trophy animals, hunt birds, fish and even ride a dog sled. For Playstation 2 and XBox 360.

For time afield one of the many useful tools one can carry is the Woodmans Pal. This handy variation of the classic machete is great for various chores around camp and on the hunt.

As many of you know a level scope is critical to accuracy at longer distances. What better gift for the member of the Wile E. Coyote School Of Gunsmithing in your family than the Wheeler Engineering Level-Level-Level. This is simply the easiest to use and most accurate scope leveling device I have seen.

While we’re on the subject of WECSOG members, one of the most common applications of the WECSOG trade is building Black Rifles. There are a few tools that make this task much more enjoyable.

One of these tools is called the MOACKS or Mother Of All Carrier Key Stakers. (You know Saddam should have trademarked that phrase, he would have made more money on that than he did skimming money off of the oil-for-food program) Besides giving a very solid staking job on the carrier key it also has a variety of other uses. Especially if you give them the plus version which I highly recommend. These uses include: a bolt tail scraper to remove carbon fouling from the rear of the bolt, a tool built in for removing the carbon build up under the firing pin flange, and a carrier bore reamer.

My favorite all around tool for AR-15 smithing is the AR-Stoner Multi-Tool When used properly one can swap barrels in minutes, switch buttstocks, and change muzzle devices.

One necessary safety tool for the WECSOG is a 5.56 NATO Field Gauge (stock number 184-100-009) While a great many home builders do not bother with Headspace it is the one thing you do not want to have to little or too much of. I use the above gauge to check for excessive headspace and a dummy round to check for minimum. If the bolt closes on the field gauge you have a serious and potentially explosive problem. The same if you don’t have enough and the bolt doesn’t close on the dummy round. You’ll also want to get a Bolt Disassembly Tool to make getting the ejector out easier.

For dealing with shooting in a cross wind it helps to know how much wind you are dealing with. The Caldwell Wind Wizard will at least let the Hoplophile in your life know what the wind is where he is at and also lets him know the temperature.

Finally we come to the one chore every Hoplophile hates. Cleaning! KG Industries has many excellent products that make this chore easier. I’m a big fan of KG-2 and KG-12.

This concludes the Ordnance-Corner 2006 Holiday gift guide, but before you go you may want to think about talking to your Hoplophile about going shooting sometime. Offer to buy ammo and they’ll probably jump at the chance. If not let me know so I can smack the goof. Shooting can be quite enjoyable, and VERY relaxing.

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  1. That’s a great list – I’d like one of those Level-Level-Levels to work on my red-dot! If only Aimpoint put a hash-mark at TDC… 😉