Post Election Selection Trauma?

Not here. While a great many gun forums seem to be teeming with “oh no what do I buy before the Assault Weapons ban comes back!” and many similar messages of panic. I’m not too worried, yet.

In order to win back Congress the Democrats had to run moderate to conservative candidates. Even Nancy (Queen Moonbat) Pelosi’s pick for House majority leader, Jack “Cut-N-Run” Murtha has an “A” rating from the NRA on firearms issues. Democrat Congresscritters got chased out of town in 1994 after a two year orgy of anti-gun legislation with Democrat President Bill Clinton. Afterwards they admitted that the NRA and other pro-gun organizations were the ones who did them the most damage at the polls.

This tells me that at least on a Federal Level gun-control is likely to be a whisper for the the next two years. If Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, and Diane Feinswine get too noisy on the issue they face a backlash that will make 1994 pale in comparison. The Democrat party is already starting to tear itself apart from the inside as the radicals who have been waiting for 12 years clamor for their due that has been denied them for so long (Investigations, Impeachmnets, Gun Control, Socialist Policies etc.) They are opposed by those who know only a more centrist Democrat Party stand the chance of surviving this decade. Couple that with the fact that they literally put themselves in debt to win and you have a Democrat Party that needs to tread very carefully or risk losing the farm.

So my advice to you is to not spend junior’s college fund to buy things yet. Watch legislation carefully, write letters, send e-mails, and make phone calls. Become a hard-core pro-gun activist. Only in doing so will we ever manage to keep our Second Amendment Right that so many fought, bled and died for. Only if you see a bill gaining traction should you begin a buying frenzy. Otherwise buy steadily until your supplies reach a level you are comfortable with, but don’t forget to stock up on water and food as well.

Si vis Pacem, para Bellum


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  1. I think there is a lot of FUD going around about this topic. I don’t think the Dems will take away our guns, and I think they know that that’s a losing cause.

    I’m not a Republican by any means. I don’t like what the party stands for (although i think that has largely to do with recent events both politically and personally) but I’ve been following the ‘Corner for quite some time now along with doing research and a lot of thinking. I’ve always been at least neutral on guns for most of my life. Then i actually got the chance to fire one. I then went and bought an SKS about 7 years ago. in the last year I’ve become more and more pro-gun and against gun control.

    I’m not about to get into a politcal debate, but I don’t believe the sky is falling, nor do I think we need to start shoring it up. but I do say that we need to keep an eye on it and perform maintenance as needed.

  2. meltedeyes:

    There are other reasons to shore up supplies. Some of which I will chronicle here ovber the coming weeks others you can find elswhere. Like at commander-zero’s live journal and’s Survival Forum