Mag-Lite LED Upgrade Review

I have always been a fan of the 3 D-Cell Mag -Lite flashlight. They have been my constant companion around the home and whenever I am on the 4X4 trail. They had two weaknesses; it was relatively easy to break the filament in the bulb, and batteries didn’t last all that long with constant use. Now those problems no longer exist.

I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and was browsing the sporting goods section when I spotted this:

A genuine Mag-Lite brand L.E.D. upgrade. I had tried an aftermarket upgrade, but it wasn’t reliable. At $18 it was almost half the price of a new L.E.D. flashlight from Mag-Lite. So I bought a few and took them home.

Here is a comparison of three lights. In the center a standard 3 D-Cell Mag-Lite with xenon bulb. On the right is a Streamlight Scorpion (similar to a Sure-Fire 6p), and on the left is the 3 D-Cell Mag-Lite with the L.E.D. conversion. As you can see the L.E.D. Conversion is slightly brighter. Coupled with the ruggedness and low battery usage of the L.E.D. bulb this product is highly Recommended.

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