Finally a common sense law about new home developments springing up near shooting ranges.

You’ve heard the stories, a shooting range in existence for decades gets a bunch of new homes for a neighbor. Then suddenly the new residents “discover” they are near a place where people fire GUNS! OMGWTF!!! They then lobby the city council, county board or whatever to get the range closed. One of the most common tools is the noise generated at the range. Hey, if they’d allow us suppressors this wouldn’t be a problem would it?

Vermont has weighed in and said; “If you buy a house near a range, you get the noise too.” It’s like buying a home next to the golf course and being upset when a golf ball crashes through your big picture window. What did you expect?!

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  1. dreadnoughtpc

    If you don’t like mosquitos, don’t build your house in a swamp. If you want peace and quiet, make sure you check out who your neighbors are. If you are going to ignore the previous statements and be a whiney fuck-nut, please do the honorable thing and drink the Special Kool-Aid now.

  2. This is like those people who move near O’Hare airport and then complain about the jet noise.