Awwww the poor little Hoplophobes at “The Brady Campaign to Prevent Promote Gun Violence” are upset that they weren’t invited to the Conference on School Safety.

Bush Takes On School Shootings The President’s conference gives him a chance to connect with disillusioned voters. But one prominent gun control group is crying foul.

One prominent group is unhappy about not being included. Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, wrote to Bush to offer help in putting together what the group called a “comprehensive” agenda, including prevention and law enforcement policies. Peter Hamm, the group’s communications director, said the group hadn’t received a reply. “We haven’t, oddly enough,” he said. “They’re certainly having a nice conversation about making sure your child has the support they need after an incident occurs, which is laudable. But the issue of prevention clearly is not on the table for this conference.”

The NRA was also not on the list. However, you don’t see them whining.


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