Welcome to Ordnance-Corner.

Ordnance-Corner originally began on March 25, 2005 at userfriendly.org as a way for members of the comments board to share information about one of our favorite past times without scaring the hoplophobes too much. However the environment there is still somewhat restrictive and hoplophobes abound, so the decision to start a blog was made. The UFie Ordnance Corner (mostly) weekly posts will continue, However I have decided to re-name UFie Ordnance Corner to Ordnance-Corner for UFies since all items published there will be published here first.

Now some ground rules:
Rule #1 This is a Pro-Gun message board. Whining from hoplophobes will not be welcome here.
Rule #2 Don’t be a Dick. Unless you can prove you are a six-shot .38 special revolver manufactured by Colt.

Violate these rules and comment moderation will be turned on.


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  1. dreadnoughtpc

    I don’t get to the comments at UF very often, but when I did the first thing I looked for was the Ordnance Corner. And was dissapointed when I stopped seeing it regularly. I had a feeling it was due to unhospitable conditions there judging from some of the debates I’ve seen you get into.

    I’m more of a lurker than a poster, and go by Gristle on UF and meltedeyes on LJ.

  2. Welcome aboard

    Been away for a while. Your regular posting insanity will continue on UF next week. For now anyway.

  3. I don’t think the OC ever did too badly at UF. We met with some very determined opposition from some folks, but we more than held our own and I think we may have even won some people over. I tend to be skeptical, but I wonder when I see a post like this and a lack of overwhelming negative response.

    We always saw new people in the Corner when someone ran a SPOTDTT, too. I wish I still had time to do that on a regular basis.