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QOTD: Miguel

Dear “Modern” women, I have bad news for you: Feminism worked (at least in its original intent.) Men no longer find a weak ass submissive whinny representation of a female attractive and for what is worth, I don’t think lesbians find them attractive either. We want a woman who will cover our backs, not ride on them. We want a woman who when the Shit Hits The Fan will say “Hon, you carry the kids, I’ll cover” and know she will mow down whomever is threatening her family because we married Mama Grizzly Bear and not dumb-fuck panda bear. We want a woman who will cry her eyes out with Steel Magnolias and Blackhawk Down (BTW Guys, bad news: we are supposed to do the same.) A woman who will pamper us for three days while we are sick and kick us out of bed at the fourth. A woman who will make us proud as hell with her triumphs at work because she fought for it hard and beat all comers.

Feminists in the 1960s demanded to be treated as partners and guess what? Men in this century are demanding a partner! But the new crop of Feminist are determined to create a bunch of mental chihuahuas that pee on themselves at an original thought and the idea of fending off for themselves.

What the f*** happened?

From Gun Free Zone

S&W Shield Problem

I don’t own a shield but I did seriously consider one at one time. The below video shows an issue one user is experiencing with his that you need to be aware of. If I owned a shield I would be paying extra attention to that area.

I guess I need to say something about 9-11

There’s a lot I would like to say, but others have already done so quite eloquently. For example Borepatch has penned:

Thirteen years after the attack on Pearl Harbor it was December 1954. The risk of an attack by assets of Germany or Japan in December 1954 could reasonably be called low.

We are thirteen years past the attacks on the United States that occurred on September 11th, 2001. Would anyone be surprised if the United States was attacked again today? Tomorrow?

George Bush’s biggest mistake was not going to Congress on September 12, 2001 and asking for a declaration of war.

While JayG summed up the rest of my feelings about what should have been/needs to be done with the following:

I don’t give a hairy rat’s patoot if they love us. I don’t care if they respect us. I want them to fear us. I want the next terrorist @$$hole who talks about blowing something in America up to be shot by his own compatriots, out of pure unmitigated fear that we might hear about it and come back and do to them what we did to the last group that messed with us.

I wanted to say something like that but instead my thoughts are drawn elsewhere. I think about people I knew who didn’t survive the conflict that goes on to this day. Friends who came back broken. Some physically, some mentally and some physically and mentally. Watching parents bury their children and children bury a parent. I remember that day when the attacks happened and the frantic call from my new bride asking if I could be recalled to duty. I assured her my time had passed and that the only way I would be going back is if I volunteered, and ailments that surfaced since my separation prevented that.

What I never told her is how much I wished I was still there, but my career had been destroyed by a woman who hid her illness well until she couldn’t resist the urge to abuse a young child. Protecting that child had become the focus of my life towards the end of my career and repairing the damage is a work in progress to this day. Now thirteen years later as my body still keeps trying to fail me, I still feel like the retired firehouse dog on the porch. I watch those who are able rush to the fight and wish I could go with them. In the end all I can do is what I can to support those going, those there, and those who came back. My favorite charity is I suggest you read up on them and if you like them and can do so toss them a donation.

Been real busy lately

Sorry for the dearth of posting, work took off like a scalded ape. Hopefully things will calm down next week. In the meantime I’d like to give a quick shout out the the crew at Imminent Threat Solutions. I had an issue with placing an order and emailed them late one night about the problem. I had a response early the next day and was able to take care of my order with their help. You just can’t beat customer service like that! If you get a chance give them a look. Their forums are pretty neat (though I don’t participate very much), their store has some pretty good (and useful) stuff and their blog is full of great advice.

This looks familiar

During the riots in St. Louis store owners armed themselves and successfully protected their businesses. Much like the store owners in Los Angeles during the riots after the verdict was handed down exonerating 4 police officers in the beating of Rodney King, it is up to ordinary civilians to protect their livelihood. During such incidents Police are always overwhelmed and only by utilizing principles like #7 of Sir Robert Peel’s can the effects of the violence be diminished.

Missouri goes strict scrutiny WRT gun rights

(Story) In spite of opposing it and using the amendment for fund raising Bloomberg’s many front groups did little else to oppose it (not counting a failed lawsuit). Now of course they’re not happy with it.

According to one source the vote was 61-39%, that’s 39% that don’t understand the importance of the Bill of Rights.

Student Threatened by Stalker May Have to Leave Ivy League School

The most interesting part of this story to me is the anti-civil rights activists push for more misdemeanors to be added to the prohibited persons list. If they really believed what they were selling they would have told the press that since Dartmouth is a “Gun Free” Campus she will be safe anywhere on University grounds. Dartmouth administration should tell her the same and be willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Anything less is an admission that these laws are useless.