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Been real busy lately

Sorry for the dearth of posting, work took off like a scalded ape. Hopefully things will calm down next week. In the meantime I’d like to give a quick shout out the the crew at Imminent Threat Solutions. I had an issue with placing an order and emailed them late one night about the problem. I had a response early the next day and was able to take care of my order with their help. You just can’t beat customer service like that! If you get a chance give them a look. Their forums are pretty neat (though I don’t participate very much), their store has some pretty good (and useful) stuff and their blog is full of great advice.

This looks familiar

During the riots in St. Louis store owners armed themselves and successfully protected their businesses. Much like the store owners in Los Angeles during the riots after the verdict was handed down exonerating 4 police officers in the beating of Rodney King, it is up to ordinary civilians to protect their livelihood. During such incidents Police are always overwhelmed and only by utilizing principles like #7 of Sir Robert Peel’s can the effects of the violence be diminished.

Missouri goes strict scrutiny WRT gun rights

(Story) In spite of opposing it and using the amendment for fund raising Bloomberg’s many front groups did little else to oppose it (not counting a failed lawsuit). Now of course they’re not happy with it.

According to one source the vote was 61-39%, that’s 39% that don’t understand the importance of the Bill of Rights.

Student Threatened by Stalker May Have to Leave Ivy League School

The most interesting part of this story to me is the anti-civil rights activists push for more misdemeanors to be added to the prohibited persons list. If they really believed what they were selling they would have told the press that since Dartmouth is a “Gun Free” Campus she will be safe anywhere on University grounds. Dartmouth administration should tell her the same and be willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Anything less is an admission that these laws are useless.

Kurdish Female Peshmerga Fighters Take Oath to Fight ISIS in Iraq

Via Gateway Pundit we have a story of Female Kurds taking an oath to fight ISIS. This is a desperate situation for the Kurds who have few allies in the region. These women are literally going to be in a fight to the death. I really wish we had leaders willing to provide them what they needed to win the fight.

Good tips for men and women

Tatiana Whitlock gives some excellent tips for women who carry concealed. Some of them apply to men too. How many of you practice in the clothes you wear every day?

I’m in good company

One of the reasons I chose a Glock for my carry gun is parts are so easy to get. Tam chose an M&P for the same reasons, and like me it was a choice between a Glock 19 and an M&P. I’ve never regretted my decision, but it helps to know people I have a lot of respect for have had the same decision process.